Benefits of petting your cat

Benefits of petting your cat

Cuddling is important for both your cat and you. You have to keep in mind that felines are sentient animals and need loving encouragement from you as well.
That is why in this article we are going to explain all the benefits your cat feels when you pet it. Normally, we usually talk about the benefits that we, humans, have when we pet a feline, but they also have importance and that is why this article is dedicated to them.

When should you pet your cat?

It is important to understand that when we talk about your cat needing petting, we are not talking about petting him all the time, but petting him when he tells you to do so. Felines are animals that ask for love when they want it, but if we give it to them at times that are not propitious, it is very likely that they will become overwhelmed.
Therefore, it is as easy as petting cats when they are asking for it. They usually emit a series of signals such as leaning their head towards your hand or directly hitting you with their head. It can also happen that they meow or that you start petting them a little bit and when you stop, they come to you again for you to continue.

What areas can we start petting?

When you want to pet a cat the best advice we can give you is to start with areas such as the head (between the ears), the cheeks (cheeks) or in the area of the back. However, do not start with areas such as the belly or the spine because they are usually more sensitive areas that are linked to vital areas and they may feel nervous.

It’s a different matter if your cat knows you well and trusts you completely. Then, he/she can probably pet those areas.

What are the benefits of petting cats?

The first thing to make clear is that it is true that every cat is different. It is possible that your cat is very independent and wants to be petted very occasionally, but it can also happen that your cat is very dependent and wants to be petted all the time. Then there are cats that don’t fit into either of these two groups and maintain a normal level of dependence.

For felines, companionship is essential and they see us as their huge cat companions. We play a bit of a mommy role as they feel safe when they are near us. That’s why it’s so nice when a cat trusts us because they are driven by instinct.

That is why we could say that for felines our caresses are like mom’s licks, although it is true that our hand does not have that rough touch that the feline tongue has.

However, if we brush our cat we can simulate in a much more efficient way the feline tongue and that is why when we caress them with these objects they feel very comfortable.

The secret of domestication

This concept is interesting and it is that humans keep cats in a juvenile stage with domestication. This is not to say that they can’t hunt or bring out their more instinctive side, but in a way, we cover all their needs so they don’t have to face life which is an, in many cases, overwhelming and dangerous experience.

By keeping it at a somewhat more youthful level (in certain respects) it makes sense that they will ask for petting for much longer (throughout the stages of their life) and get the benefit of that “motherly” affection.

Communicating your tail with petting

It is important to analyze the body language of felines. A curious fact is that when we pet them it can happen that they raise their tail and keep it rigid. The interesting thing is the information we have about this tail posture that is usually observed in kittens that are with their mothers.

It is a way to invite other felines to examine your genital area where they have glands that give off pheromones. Pheromones are like the identity of each cat and is very ingrained in their method of socialization.

Therefore, our petting brings well-being to felines and makes them feel happy. Also petting can trigger purring which has different meanings, but the most widespread is that it expresses comfort, pleasure and happiness.

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