Benefits Of Grooming Your Dog

Why spend time grooming your dog? Without people, pets cannot take care of themselves. New pet owners often face concerns about what to do with their pet’s survival. Grooming is one of the issues dog owners face. Some owners think that grooming dogs is a waste of time, which is why a dog salon has been set up. A professional groomer or salon will help you take care of your dog. However, grooming should be routine care for any animal you care for. There are some benefits to grooming your pet on a regular basis.

Here are some reasons why you should groom your dog regularly:

When pets are taken care of, it improves the health of the dog. Your dog’s overall health can be improved by grooming. The dog is both physically and mentally healthy because of the attention it receives. You may not know how to massage your dog, but when you brush him, he improves circulation, reduces infections and builds muscle mass.

Their health improves with regular grooming. When brushing promotes the vitality and health of your dog’s skin. Brushing your teeth is known to stimulate blood cells to produce the oxygen animals need to move through the blood. Bathing your dog removes toxins, just like brushing your teeth.

Most owners do not like the smell of their pets. The smell can be bad! If your dog has not been properly cleaned or bathed, you can easily fix this problem. One of the first things you notice about a dog owner’s home is the smell that comes with their dog. Pet odors can be minimized by grooming. Some dogs smell better after being groomed.

The fact that dogs can’t talk makes it nearly impossible to spot a problem. Domestic animals that are regularly groomed have little chance of getting sick from wounds or ticks. Grooming can reveal any problems in a short time.

Dog owners who don’t like grooming tend to spend more on pets. If your pet is cared for regularly, you can reduce the cost of hiring a professional. And because your dog is healthy, there will be fewer visits to the clinic.

You can improve the bond between you and your dog by grooming. You need to learn how to make grooming exciting and enjoyable for both of you. The more time you spend with your pet, the better the bond you develop.

Too busy to brush your dog? There are professional dog groomers that can help you keep your dog healthy and tidy. Grooming is essential for any animal. When pets are taken care of, they tend to be friendlier and happier. Aggressive dogs are easy to tame if a bond is formed during grooming.

Essential Oils For Dogs With Anxiety

Make no mistake… people love their dogs. They are not just animals or pets, they are beloved members of our family. When a dog has fear, it is rough with its people. Vets have a variety of prescription medications for dog anxiety, but many are looking for more natural ways to help their pets deal with this relatively common problem. This is where essential oils can be of great help to dogs with anxiety issues.

The kind of fear your dog experiences will determine how you deal with it. Whether the stress is related to loud noises, divorce, or your rescue from an unpleasant past that led to anxiety, essential oils can help. As with humans, no single essential oil has the same effect on every dog. Dogs, like humans, have personal preferences for different scents. Fortunately, there are multiple methods of giving birth, and different essential oils can be tried to find what works for your dog.

Before I get into the benefits of specific oils, I want to give a warning/advice. Never apply essential oils directly to a dog’s skin. Carriers should always be used. Be careful not to apply the oil too close to the nose. Dogs have about 40 times more sense of smell than humans, so they are more sensitive to the effects of essential oils than we are. Keeping this in mind will make an essential oil treatment for your Fido a more bearable and enjoyable experience. We all know how easy dogs are to train, and if they initially have a negative experience with an oil, you may never be able to use that oil again. A good rule of thumb is to stay completely away from anything in front of the ear.

Another precaution is not to use essential oils on pregnant or nursing dogs. Either way, bitches won’t be in this condition for long so it’s best not to use cooking oil during these delicate times.

How To Use Essential Oils In Dogs?

Essential oils can be used on your dog just as you would use them on yourself. Mixing EO with a carrier such as fractionated coconut oil or distilled water is a safe method for topical application. If mixing with distilled water in a spray bottle, shake the bottle vigorously before each use as the oil and water do not mix! Once the carrier and oil are mixed, they can be sprayed onto a cloth (I use cotton socks on my hands) and rubbed into the pet’s fur, or sprayed directly onto the pet. I prefer the spray and rub method because the pet gets the extra tactile attention and there is little chance of oil getting into the nose or eyes.

My favorite way to use EOs to reduce anxiety is to diffuse them into the air. Using this method on your dog will reduce your dog’s stress because they’re not doing anything, they’re just breathing. If your pet hates the smell, it can stay away from the source. If the oil is applied directly to pets, they will stick! Confining pets in a smaller room and running the diffuser in will ensure the oil reaches its target without being overwhelmed.

Great Oils To Reduce Anxiety In Dogs

Roman Chamomile – One of the best soothing essential oils for humans and dogs. It is beneficial for the general soothing and calming of the central nervous system.

Clary Sage – Calms the central nervous system, calms. Should be used in moderation. This is the one that is best used in diffusers rather than applied directly to animals.

Lavender – everyone should use lavender! It’s great for calming people and pets. Plus can be used to treat a variety of other pet ailments. You don’t have to worry about applying it directly to your dog’s coat (diluted with a carrier).

Sweet Orange – Another nerve calming oil. Plus, it will leave your home smelling wonderful if you use it in a diffuser!

Valerian – Nervous calming. Very soothing for dogs with noise or separation anxiety.

Sweet Marjoram (to a lesser extent) – This one may not be as effective as some others, but some dogs may like the smell so it’s fine to give it a try.

How to decide which one to use?

Like when I mix for my kids, I like to let the dog “smell” the oils before mixing. I just open the bottle, hold it close to their face (a few inches from their nose) and watch their reaction. If they show outright disgust by turning around or kneading their muzzles, I wouldn’t use that. If they come near or try to lick the bottle,

t Use distilled water before adding oil. Once the oil is added, I shake the jar vigorously and add the mixture to the diffuser. For direct application I would do the same, just reduce the number of drops relative to the size of the spray bottle.

Test your essential oil blend

This is probably the hardest part. How do you know if your mixture will help your dog? Unfortunately, the only way to do this is to wait for the anxiety-inducing experience to take place or to happen, then apply the mixture or activate the diffuser. From there you just have to wait and see what happens. If the problem is separation anxiety, I would apply or spread the mix, let it sit for a while and then come back to see how your dog is doing.


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