Be aware that there are plants that are toxic to cats: be very careful!

Be aware that there are plants that are toxic to cats: be very careful!

It is always good to have a list of plants that are toxic to cats in the cat’s belongings because many times, especially if you are a plant fanatic, you buy a plant and do not realize that it can be poisonous to your cat.
That is why we leave you below a list of toxic plants for cats so that you are aware of the ones that can not be at home.

Araceae, Euphorbiaceae and Ficaceae

These three types of plants can cause cats to suffer from irritation or itching of the eyes or skin. That is why you have to be careful with them. You may be wondering which plants fall into these categories and they are as follows:

Araceae: alocasia, arisaema, caldium, anthurium, monstera etc.
Euphorbiaceae: croton, poinsettia, etc.
Ficaceae: hevea and ficus.

Plants that cause digestive disorders

The following plants cause digestive disorders in your cat so you have to be careful that they are not ingested.

Mimosa of Japan.
Blackberry grass.

Compounds, primulaceae, tiliaceae, yellowish and liliaceae

These types of plants cause allergic dermatitis and that is why we must be very careful with them. Let’s break down the categories:

Compositae: chrysanthemum.
Primulaceae: primrose.
Tiliaceae: indoor linden and sparmania.
Amarillaceae: narcissus, jonquil, amaryllis, alamanda, clivia, hippeasthum and crinum.
Liliaceae: chlorophythum, hyacinth, tulip and sanseviera.

Other types of plants that create other disorders

There are plants that create lesser known, but still dangerous disorders. For example, ficus and philodendron cause serious kidney disorders. In the case of mistletoe, cyclamen and rhododendron cause cardiovascular disorders.

The amaryllidaceae, mistletoe, bluebell, black nightshade and cannabis sativa (marijuana) cause nervous disturbances with which extreme caution should be exercised.

Therefore, keep in mind all these plants so as not to bring any of this style into the house.


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