Basic care for a cat

Basic care for a cat

Living with a cat is an exciting adventure and a continuous learning process, but there are certain aspects that are important to know for the long and healthy life of your kitty.

Someone once said that the cat was the wild animal that, thousands of years ago, approached man’s barns attracted by the rodents that lived there and, since then, stayed living with him. Cats are territorial felines: “you don’t own a cat, you live with one”. That is why it is convenient to take into account some advice that will help us to make our pet happy.

How should I feed my cat?

The food should be adequate to its age and physiological state (gestation, lactation, neutered, …). To ensure a nutritional balance, it is advisable to feed him all day long with a combination of dry and wet food, and to provide him with fresh and clean water in a separate bowl – we can use a fountain because they love to drink from streams of water -.

What should I teach my cat?

Our cats are very intelligent, but they require a good education to help us avoid undesirable behaviors and contribute to a good coexistence.

A main subject will be the litter box. It is very important to choose a quiet place where to place it so that our pet feels calm and quiet when it goes to do its needs. The cat is a very clean animal and will need us to remove daily the stained parts with a shovel, change the litter weekly and, if necessary, use special deodorants to avoid bad smells.

Without forgetting the scratching post, which will serve as an outlet for their need to sharpen their nails and even to mark territory, thus avoiding damage to furniture and doors.

It will be difficult, if not impossible, to teach him not to mark with urine. The strong odor that it leaves in the fabrics and that is so difficult to clean can only be avoided with castration or sterilization.

For our cat to be healthy and happy, it must be physically and mentally active on a daily basis.

How does my cat socialize and interact?

For our cat to be healthy and happy, he must be physically and mentally active on a daily basis. It will be very important that we interact with him and that we provide him with specific toys for cats since he does not have the same fun if he plays alone. We should help him to interact with our guests and with the elements of the environment. If we use treats or specific food for cats, for our guests to offer them, we will get a very sociable attitude in our pet.

We have all enjoyed the purr of a cat, but we do not know very well what is the physical mechanism that causes it. Purring is a form of communication used by the cat to express desires, moods or simply to establish contact with its newborn offspring. Purring ranges from states of complacency, gratitude and trust, to tension, illness, discomfort and need for help. We should learn and take into account the tones and frequencies of our pet’s purr in order to better understand him and encourage his socialization.

How should I take care of my cat’s health?

Vaccinating and deworming your cat will be essential for your pet to grow up healthy and happy. It is necessary that you go to your trusted veterinarian to prepare a vaccination schedule and to recommend the most appropriate internal and external deworming program for your cat according to its age, lifestyle and epidemiological risks.

However, to achieve protection against the most frequent parasites in cats, a monthly deworming adapted to the characteristics of your pet will be the most effective option.

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