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A cat can truly transform a house into a home. Thankfully, the presence of a feline on the premises can also provide a similarly soothing effect when you’re seeking out temporary accommodation at a hotel. Let’s give it up for these distinguished hotelier kitties who are all about enjoying a luxurious lifestyle in upscale digs.

Socrate in Paris

The palatial Le Bristol Paris is partial to furry friends. For the past 11 years it has been home to a male Birman named Fa-Raon, in a nod to ancient Egypt. Fa-Raon is about to retire to the Paris area home of one of Le Bristol’s receptionists, leaving a new kitten to take over his hotel duties (like ordering meals from a three-starred Michelin kitchen and retreating to a private room exclusively designed by the graffiti artist Renk). That new kitten is Socrate, who is happy, a good listener and curious about the world around him.

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New York’s Hamlet

The fine felines who have called The Algonquin Hotel in New York City home since the 1920s are the world’s foremost hotel cats. Hamlet (the eighth) is the current incumbent kitty, having come to reside at the institution after being scooped up from a feral colony in Long Island. When not lounging in his private quarters, you might witness this domestic shorthair presiding over the Algonquin’s annual kitty fashion show. Complementing the run of cats named Hamlet, the hotel has also counted some esteemed Matildas over the years.

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At the Ionia Guest House in Turkey, Leo likes to prowl the grounds, while Pringles enjoys lounging on the sun porch.

Lilibet in London

A relatively recent addition to the scene, Lilibet is an illustrious Siberian kitty who decided on a whim to call The Lanesborough in London her new home back in 2019. Taking advantage of her salubrious situation, Lilibet spent this year’s International Cat Day scarfing down a particularly fancy-looking tuna tartare delight from a lavish porcelain plate.

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London’s Soho Sir Godfrey

Hazlitt’s boutique hotel is situated in a row of historic 18th century Georgian houses in London’s Soho district. Key to the venture’s appeal is Sir Godfrey, who was originally rescued from the Battersea Dogs and Cats Home and is now considered to be the establishment’s lord of the manor. When not mingling with London socialites and overseas royalty, Sir Godfrey can be found pursuing his long-standing hobbies of searching out snacks and relaxing by the fireplace.

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Mama Cat in Bali

Based in the beachside community of Sanur in Bali, Mama Cat decided to take up residence at the Kembali Lagi Guest House & Villas in 2017 after wandering in from the street. It turned out that Mama Cat was actually pregnant — and the hotel staff stepped up to help the kitty successfully deliver her litter from the safety of an empty guest room. These days, Mama Cat spends her time idling away the afternoons on her poolside perch.

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South Africa’s Skabenga

Skabenga is a somewhat portly tabby who claims the mantle of longest-standing guest at the The Oyster Box hotel in Durban, South Africa. A former stray whose name translates as “vagabond,” you’ll find Skabenga holding court on the hotel’s plush lobby couch, ordering prawn cocktail for breakfast and engaging in naps on the high-end soft-top sports cars of guests.

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Kléopatre in Germany

Kléopatre embraces the responsibilities of being the official queen of the house at Brenners Park Hotel & Spa in Baden-Baden, Germany. This plush white feline is actually related to Fa-Raon and used to reside at Le Bristol, before trading the bustle of city life for the pastoral charms of the country. Naturally, a spot by the fireplace is always reserved for Kléopatre.

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The Ionia Guest House Clowder in Turkey

Finally, if you’re looking to max out the kitty quotient of your stay, consider the Ionia Guest House in Turkey’s Aegean area. Pitched as a rural bed and breakfast set up, the property houses several resident felines. Key among the ranks are Leo, who enjoys prowling the grounds, and Pringles, who you’ll often see lounging on the sun porch.

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