Are all dermatitis in dogs the same?

Sometimes, the well-being of our pets is altered by the appearance of certain pathologies such as dermatitis in dogs. It is not a serious disease a priori, but it is annoying and can limit the quality of life of dogs.

In general terms, it can occur seasonally and manifest itself with intense itching (if we see our pet scratching excessively, we should be alert), although dermatitis in dogs manifests itself in different ways depending on the type in question.

Types of dermatitis in dogs

As we said, the origin and therefore the treatment of a dermatitis in dogs can vary. The disease does not always present itself in the same way, and it is essential to know some of its variants in order to recognize it and act in time.

Atopic or allergic dermatitis

This type of dermatitis appears mainly in those dogs that have a genetic predisposition to suffer allergies to certain external components, such as pollen, insects, etc. The symptoms are usually: itching, reddening of the skin, pimples, dryness and skin desquamation, as well as darkening of the affected area.

One of its main characteristics is that it does not manifest itself in a specific area, and its treatment will vary according to the severity of the dermatitis in dogs. In addition, in these cases a preventive vaccine may be a good option.

Seborrheic Dermatitis

Seborrhea on the dog’s skin can also cause dermatitis. In this type of case, severe flaking of the skin, scaly patches and excess oil on different parts of the body are usually detected. It is a disorder that does not usually have a definitive cure, although the use of certain shampoos or a careful diet can help to alleviate its effects. In any case, there is no one like a veterinary specialist to evaluate the case and give an adequate treatment.

Fungal dermatitis

It is a dermatitis caused by fungi. There are breeds of dogs more prone to suffer it, such as those with a greater number of wrinkles in the skin, although it is also associated with a lowering of the animal’s defenses.

Among its symptoms, hair loss, pus suppuration, dryness in the skin and changes in the color tone. The good news is that in these cases an antifungal ointment will be enough to alleviate your pet’s symptoms.

Contact dermatitis in dogs

There are products that can cause dermatitis in dogs (cleaning products, for example). They are not so usual, but if your pet presents inflammation, itching and redness in the skin, it could be suffering from contact dermatitis. It is usually confused with allergic dermatitis, so when in doubt we recommend a visit to the veterinarian, who will clean the affected area and indicate the appropriate treatment.

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