All He Wants is a Forever Home for the Holidays

Gravity has one wish this Christmas, to find a home for the holidays. Do you know someone who can help grant his wish? Gravity has spent the last two years in foster care waiting to find his new family, with little-to-no interest from potential adopters.

Gravity’s Story

dog wears rear leg splint at beach

Gravity was discovered injured in a Tennessee yard. His back was broken, his spinal cord was lacerated, leaving him paralyzed with straight-leg syndrome.

PAWS New England and All 4s Rescue League joined forces to transport Gravity from Tennessee to Massachusetts. Once in Massachusetts, Gravity was able to start rehabilitation and get the medical care he needed to heal. Even though Gravity is paralyzed in his hind end, his knees are fused together, which makes it possible for him to walk! For extra leg support, Gravity wear two adjustable splints on his back legs. The splints help to support his legs and give him the stability he needs to keep his legs underneath him as he moves.

“Gravity gets around really well with his braces. He likes to go for walks and go to the beach in them. He is super patient with me getting them on him, and they give him a lot more structure while walking,” 

– Lindsay LaRocca, Gravity’s foster mom

Help Gravity Find His Forever Family

Dog wears leg braces on walk

Even though Gravity has waited for years to find the perfect family, his foster mom refuses to give up. “Gravity has been with me for two years, and I fully intend to see it through until he gets adopted. No matter how long that takes, we know that the perfect forever home is out there for him.” 

Gravity is looking for a family that has the time to give him the care that he needs. Like all special needs dogs, his routine is incredibly important. Gravity is incontinent, and require manual expression. His perfect family is compassionate and willing to give him the extra time and attention he requires.

Contact Paws New England to apply to adopt Gravity

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