9 Advantages of Getting a Reputable Breeder

Purchasing a dog from a breeder that is not reputable can be risky. Unprofessional breeders may not know all of the breed’s specific needs, and the dogs they make are often sick and have bad attitudes. You run the risk of supporting a puppy mill without knowing it. 

Advantages of Getting a Reputable Breeder

Saving a dog from your neighborhood animal shelter may have crossed your mind if you’re looking for a furry friend. But if you decide to purchase a puppy instead, it would be best to trust a reputable breeder that is licensed to prevent getting scammed.

Orivet can help you test the breed of your puppy to ensure that you follow the proper guidelines that are needed to take care of it. Here are a few benefits of working with a reputable breeder:

1. You’ll Receive Exceptional Breed Advice

If you have not owned the particular breed you want to get, a professional breeder can give you advice. The breeder will tell you what to expect and help you decide if the breed is right for your family and your way of life. A good breeder will not pressure you into buying a puppy if the breed does not fit you.

2. Discloses All Information On The Puppy

Responsible breeders can produce the healthiest dogs and carry out specialized health testing before breeding them, so they can prevent complications and defective genes. 

Even if they are not present at the time of purchase, they won’t hesitate to let you meet the mother and stud dog of any puppies they sell. Before they sell you a dog, they want to make sure that it will fit into your lifestyle and that both you and the puppy will be happy.

Professional breeders know exactly which genetic diseases are most common in their breed. This means that the puppy you buy is more likely to be free of a genetic disorder.

3. There Will Always Be a Home for Your Puppy

A good breeder assumes responsibility for the fate of the puppies they produce. The breeder won’t want their pups to ever wind up in a shelter for animals or, worse, on the streets. 

Reputable breeders almost never refuse to take back a puppy, no matter what happened or how old the dog was. It’s reassuring to know that your breeder will be there to support you by either taking the puppy back or helping you find a new home for it.

Suppose one of your family members develops an allergy to the puppy or you find yourself in difficult financial circumstances for any valid reason. In that case, you know that the breeder will have a place for the puppy.

4. The Breed Will Be Well Represented

Breed standards are written descriptions of how a breed should look and act. Reputable breeders follow these standards.

The breed standard specifies important minutiae like shoulder layback, eye shape, gait, and major characteristics like coat length, color, height, weight, and how the dog moves. The breed standard is why bullmastiffs are large and powerful, dachshunds have long backs and short legs, and poodles have curly hair.

5. Can Assist You in Choosing the Perfect Puppy

Every puppy is unique. It might be hard to tell if a certain puppy will grow up to be an aggressive or gentle dog, or a very active or low-energy dog. Still, the right breeders are familiar with their breed’s characteristics.

6. Access to Expert Assistance For Life

Even when their puppies leave their house, good breeders take care of them. Throughout the puppy’s life, a reputable breeder will make you feel like you can contact him or her and will provide guidance on topics like grooming, health, training, behavior, and nutrition.

The breeder should be happy to hear about the progress of the puppy and be willing to assist you in ensuring that the puppy is in top shape.

A trustworthy dog breeder will have certifications for animal health. There are certificates for the elbow and hip, as well as endorsements for genetic diseases like muscular dystrophy, heart disease, and epilepsy. This suggests that since they won’t have these illnesses, the dogs will live healthier and longer lives.

8. An Improved Fit

An expert breeder understands how to fit each puppy’s personality with the lifestyle and temperament of its future owner. By doing this, you can avoid being surprised by your puppy’s temperament by knowing about it before you bring the puppy home.

9. Self-assured and Sociable

The puppies will be well socialized. In contrast to puppy mills, where this is frequently the case, breeders frequently nurture their puppies in homes rather than kennels, giving them more time to develop into well-adjusted adults.

When raised by breeders, pups are accustomed to meeting new people and being around different animals by the time they are a few months old. This will give them more confidence as they get older and make it easier for them to start a new life after being adopted.

Do Your Homework And Get The Best Breeder

Since certified breeders keep records of their dogs’ pedigrees and health clearances, you can check if your preferred dog comes from a breed with well-known health difficulties or breeding issues.

After the breeder tells you why you should choose a certified breeder, you can do your homework. Once you ask the breeder’s previous customers about their experiences with the breeder’s dogs, you should be able to get a reference list from the breeder.

Since most licensed breeders store their puppies in their homes until they are 8 weeks old, you can visit them before making a purchase. This may cause a delay before your puppy becomes available because most reliable breeders have a waiting list for the puppies they have. Still, you will have the time to research them before deciding.

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