7 Ways to Stop Puppy Chewing Everything

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Do you have a puppy that goes crazy with chewing everything in its sight? Dogs love to chew. They’ve been known to chew through anything from furniture to shoes. However, you can take steps to keep your dog from chewing on harmful objects. 

how to stop puppy chewing everything
How to stop puppy chewing everything

Before you yell at and scold them, try these seven ways to stop your puppy from excessively chewing.

Pay Attention

Dogs are inquisitive animals. And like human babies, they will put anything in their mouths. While you’re busy trying to keep your house as puppy-proof as possible, sometimes you might forget that your puppy has sharp teeth that can tear right through even the most durable of shoes and furniture.

If your puppy has an issue with chewing, it might be because he’s bored or stressed out. Try to keep him occupied by playing games or giving him toys to chew on. You can also try putting his favorite treats in different places so he’ll have something new to chew on. 

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Control the Situation

Puppies love to chew! It is something they will do throughout their life. However, they often get carried away when they chew. They can chew on things such as Orbeez and other harmful objects. Even though Orbeez beads are not toxic for dogs, many other things are and you need to prevent your dog from chewing on them. 

By focusing on the right approach and tools, you can stop your puppy from chewing on things he isn’t supposed to.

When your puppy starts to chew on things, it’s important to control the situation. This will prevent them from accidentally hurting themselves or getting into trouble. 

First, make sure your dog isn’t chewing on anything dangerous. Put a barrier around them so they can play safely inside without being worried about their safety. Finally, give them a chewable toy to prevent them from chewing on other objects.

Your Scent Can Help

If your puppy follows you around like a shadow or greets you with a wagging tail or other exuberant behavior when you get home from work or an errand, they may have separation anxiety. It can lead them to bark, whine, and do other unpleasant things. 

If you’re looking for a way to keep your puppy chewing on things to control anxiety, try leaving your scent behind. You can do this by holding the puppy’s toys or other spots where chewing is allowed. This will help them control their anxiety when you’re away. 

Many puppies love to listen to calm & soothing music in the background. You can play music at low volume for them to help with their anxiety.

Keep the Things Away

A common issue with puppies is chewing. Puppies are teething during their first year and often have to relieve the pain of their teeth. This can be inconvenient for you or your puppy. 

When they are born, their teeth grow at a rapid rate in the initial days. This causes them to have an excess amount of energy and your furniture ends up getting the brunt of their new powers. 

The fact that they are teething causes them to be overly sensitive to things like temperature, textures, noise, and smell. It’s also important to keep away any items that your dog can chew on. This includes toys, clothing, and other objects that your dog might find appealing.

Use Dog Toys

If your dog has an irresistible urge to chew, then he will likely continue doing so until he finds something else to do with his mouth. To help prevent this behavior, choose dog toys carefully. 

Avoid toys made out of materials that your dog can choke on, such as plastic. Also, avoid toys that contain small parts that can easily become lodged inside your dog’s throat. Instead, opt for toys that are safe for dogs to play with.

Like it or not, your puppy is going to chew on stuff. It’s in their nature and it’s something they have to do. To help guide your puppy towards chewing on more acceptable objects, try putting some of their favorite toys in different places (for example, a stuffed animal, rawhide bone, and dog toy). And be sure to keep an eye on your puppy to make sure they only have access to the things you want them to chew on!

Daily Exercise Your Puppy

Be sure you are providing your puppy with enough physical as well as mental stimulation every day. This will help reduce boredom and prevent destructive chewing behavior. 

It’s important to engage your puppy in age-appropriate exercise and give them the proper attention they need every day. 

Divert His Attention

If you’re a new dog owner or an old hand who has owned dogs such as the Brindle French Bulldog in the past and has gotten tired of coming home to chewed shoes, tables, sofa legs, and all sorts of other household objects, you can divert your dog’s attention to prevent them from chewing on things they shouldn’t.

Excessive chewing is a common complaint of new puppy owners. It can be quite frustrating, especially when your expensive slippers, sofas, and furniture have been damaged from all the chewing. 

When you find your puppy chewing on things they shouldn’t be chewing on, distract their attention away from those things and towards other appropriate things. This will help them learn to differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate behaviors. 


The best time for puppies to learn all sorts of commands is when they are young, so focus on training them as early and often as possible. Munching and chewing that’s what puppies are good at. They don’t just do it for fun. They chew because it helps their teeth and jaw develop properly. 

But you should always keep young puppies away from getting into trouble by chewing on something they shouldn’t! Hope the tips you just learned will come in handy! Good luck!

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