7 Things A Lab Owner Must Know

You’re an angel, a kind and loving soul, because you chose to adopt a labrador rather than purchase it from a breeder. Petting a labrador has several advantages; one of the biggest reasons is taking a labrador out on a walk and cuddling him. It’s priceless; it can never be gauged! That abandoned, disturbed, and malnourished dog will be eternally grateful for the things you’ll do. After all, you’ll be rescuing him and providing the best you can. 

Things A Lab Owner Must Know

Before you adopt a labrador, you’ve got to know a few things about it. Firstly, it’s essentially important to know what adopting a Labrador would be like and what traits and features a Labrador does have. As they say, “awareness without action is worthless.” A Labrador parent’s primary concern is knowing what their pup requires and desires. Which is why the vet suggested setting up a pet-friendly environment with the best dog room decor. To become a better Labrador parent, here are eight things you should know about. 

1. Labrador never stops waiting

As a labrador owner, you must spend at least two hours per day with him. Labrador dogs make great pets. But you need to interact with them, make them socialize, and spend quality time with them to see themselves in their highest version. It’s essential to keep them entertained, healthy, and socialized. Adopting a lab isn’t challenging, but looking after it is. They yearn for social interaction, have an insatiable appetite, and are highly active. No matter how busy your work life is, you’ve got to walk him to the park, keeping his life happening and entertaining. 

Well, the most expensive thing you’ll be investing in is your time. In the end, it’s worth spending, as you’ll be showered with unconditional love and support; he’ll undoubtedly light up your world.

2. Labs are prone to ailments

Labrador dogs are susceptible to various eye diseases, including PRA, cataracts, and retinal dysplasia. Which is why regular checkups are a must. Labs also have hereditary issues. As the parent of a newly adopted Labrador, you’ll be responsible for taking care of your pet’s physical and mental health. Despite being cheerful and happy by nature, a Labrador can find himself in distress—due to its low immune system. Although labs are welcoming, cheerful, and enthusiastic, they still need proper training and medication.

3. Does Labrador have a big appetite?

Labradors have larger appetites than other breeds, which distinguishes them.  Adopting a labrador puppy is like making a financial commitment to yourself. You can’t deny the fact that dog foods are expensive. But it’s totally worth watching a Labrador chew and swallow kibble. Labradors’ love for kibble and treats can be evidently seen; labrador pups crave them and are very obsessed with them. Although Labradors have a voracious appetite, you should keep an eye out for overeating and unusual eating habits.

4. Labradors are adorable yet destructive

An innocent, fluffy, and cheerful four-legged animal can be destructive too. You won’t find that in the first place. Because “aww” will probably be the first word that comes out of your mouth when you see a Labrador puppy. Remember, an adorable and highly enthusiastic Labrador can bring a hurricane to your place. Before you adopt a Labrador, you should consider your work schedule and responsibilities, as you will be putting in extra time to entertain your pet. If you don’t, you’re going to be in big trouble. Their high energy can be destructive, which can turn your place into chaos. So keep your newly adopted Labrador busy with dog activities and seek new opportunities to channel their energy.

5. Can Labrador be a victim of separation anxiety

How much time should I spend with my Labrador? When you become a Labrador parent, this is the question that will haunt you. Because you don’t want to see your pet fall victim to depression. No matter how much time you spend with a labrador, it won’t be enough. However, we recommend that having at least 40 minutes of proper entertainment will help. But if you keep procrastinating on outdoor plans or stop indulging in play, it’ll be problematic. Labs are one of the few dog breeds that is more likely to suffer separation anxiety. Because of their long interactions and engagement, they are the best breed you will ever have. But when it’s left alone for a long period of time, things can turn upside down, and your Labrador may hit rock bottom.

6. Labrador needs space!

To some extent, labs may find peace and comfort in small places. But they aren’t apartment dwellers. Adopting a lab has numerous advantages. One of them is that a Labrador puppy loves to socialize, and embrace new environments. However, keeping them in one place, and avoiding social interactions, will make them apprehensive, and they may start acting weird with strangers. A stroll, a walk, or an outdoor physical activity is a must. No matter how big your apartment is, your Labrador will nuzzle you and hint at your door, implying a quick outdoor tour. As a Labrador parent, you’ve got to set aside some time to take him to the park, or other places, where he can play frisbee with you, poop, or chew grass.

7. Labradors Don’t Need Bath

Most dogs need special attention for their grooming. However, the labrador’s grooming needs are minimal, and this includes bathtime. Labradors can go months without bathing. The advantage of adopting a Labrador is that you won’t have to worry about bathing the dog. Regular bathing can affect a labrador’s coat and jeopardize its health; since labrador fur contains healthy oil, which will be damaged by excessive water, it’s needed to limit water exposure to labradors. Not only that, washing their fur can make their dog’s coat look dull and unhealthy. 


There are several perks of adopting a dog: they shower you with unconditional love, play with you, keep you active, and so on. Importantly, a labrador makes a great pet, whether you buy a labrador puppy or adopt an adult one. Adopting a labrador

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