6 Dog Care Tips For Busy Owners

Typically, a dog can be a perfect addition to a family. They’re friendly, loyal, and a great companion to humans.

To get the most out of a dog’s companionship, taking care of them is a must. However, adequate dog care requires a lot of time from your end.

If you’re preoccupied with work and other things, you may not be able to perform your responsibilities as a pet parent properly. 

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Luckily, some ways can help you care for your lovely dog despite being busy at work or other personal matters. Below are six dog care tips for busy owners:

1. Hire A Professional

Due to your hectic schedule, seeking professional help for dog care makes a lot of sense. When you have someone to help you look out for your dog, you can have peace of mind knowing that their needs are still met. 

For example, you can hire a pet sitter to regularly walk your dog when you can’t make it home on time. By doing this, they no longer need to wait all day for you to get back and do their daily walking routine. 

Moreover, if you can’t find a reliable pet sitter in your area, you can put your dog in a boarding kennel wherein professionals will take good care of them until you pick them up.

When you place them in a boarding kennel, you can ensure that they get the love and care they need while you’re busy with some other things.

Putting your dog in a boarding kennel also allows you to connect and interact with other animals throughout the day instead of just staying at home and doing nothing.

2. Use A Scheduling Tool For Veterinary Appointments

Although you’re a busy pet owner, it’s still important to ensure your dog is in peak physical condition, so they remain happy as possible.

Thankfully, with the advent of modern veterinary schedule software for veterinarians, you’ll be reminded of your dog’s regular vet visits, allowing you to keep track of your schedules.

This means that even if you have a tight schedule, you’ll never miss any of your dog’s vet appointments. 

If you can’t come, you can always ask your pet sitter to do the job for you. As a result, you can ensure the health of your pet at all times. 

4. Make Your Dog More Comfortable And Entertained

When you get busy with work or personal matters, you can still take care of your dog by making sure they’re always comfortable.

For example, you can provide your furry companion with a cosy dog bed at home where they can relax while you’re away.

Even if they’re lonely for not seeing you, they can wait comfortably in their bed for your return. 

Aside from a comfy dog bed, you can also keep them from getting bored by providing as many toys as you can.

For instance, you can buy bones and other chew toys that can entertain and make them happy for a long time.

When your dog has toys to play with, you can rest knowing that they still have fun while you’re away.

5. Don’t Forget The Exercise

Even if you have a busy schedule, you can still take care of your dog by making exercise a priority.

Typically, exercising them daily can make them happier even though you have to leave them for work or other activities throughout the day.

Also, you and your pet will enjoy the fact that they have something to look forward to each day. 

Therefore, if you decide to give your dog enough exercise before you leave, you may consider taking your dog out for a walk, run, or cycling in the morning.

You can do this for 15 to 30 minutes. Also, if you still have time, you can add a 15-minute walk in the evening to keep your dog healthier. 

Remember, doing any exercise in the morning and evening daily for your dog can make a huge difference in your furry friend’s health. 

6. Maintain A Routine

Another way to care for your dog despite being a busy dog owner is to maintain a routine.

When you have a routine for your pet, you can make them feel more confident and secured even if you’re busy and away from home.

This is because a routine can condition them when it’s time to eat, play, and rest. Consequently, you can reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress since they know what to expect from the routine. 

Also, when maintaining a routine, you can follow a certain time when you’ll feed, exercise, and bond with them.

Also, be sure to leave at the same time and refrain from going home too late from work.

Hence, if you want your dog to get used to the time you’re away from them, be consistent in doing their daily routine.

7. Have Time For Bonding

Just like humans, your dog needs love and attention. That’s why even if you’re a busy person, make an effort to schedule time for bonding.

Since you have full schedules almost every day, it’s best if you consider quality over quantity.

This means that it’s much better to spend a little time with your dog with all the attention to them than spend a whole day but you tend to ignore them most of the time.

So, if you want to make your pet happy and at ease, be sure to spend a few minutes or hours of your time while giving your undivided attention to them. Doing so ensures you’ll become a responsible dog parent.

Bottom Line

Finally, it’s important to keep in mind that dogs are considered life companions.

They minimize your stress levels, provide an amazing bundle of joys, and make you happier.

However, you should opt not to have a dog if you work a full schedule and you’re preoccupied with so many personal matters. 

Fortunately, by keeping the dog care tips mentioned above, the needed time care for them will no longer be a problem.

As long as you commit yourself as a dog parent, you can make everything work for you and your furry friend despite your hectic schedule.

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