5 Things a Dog in a Wheelchair Can Do

A dog wheelchair gives paralyzed and disabled dogs the freedom to do anything an able-bodied dog can do. A rear wheelchair is a simple concept. The back wheels of the cart are in line with the hips to act as a replacement for a dog’s weak or paralyzed back legs to support them as they walk. Whether a dog’s back legs are touching the ground or up in a set of stirrups, the cart provides stability and helps the dog to stay active. 

Here are five ways your dog’s wheelchair improves their quality of life:

1. Spend more quality time with family

Corgi with IVDD uses corgi wheelchair

A dog may not understand why its back legs aren’t working, but they know they want to be with you. That inability to move whenever they want can lead to canine depression. So often, we talk about the physical tole being paralyzed takes on your pet, but it also impacts their mental health. The ability to stand upright and engage with the world around them, will lift your dog’s spirits and you will see an emotional transformation.

A wheelchair gives pets back their independence, and allows them to stay engaged and enjoy spending time with their family. Which is great for the whole family!

2. Exercise and Play

Exercise is a basic necessity for dogs and people. The ability to move is inherent in your dog, the support of a cart makes it easier for them to walk ad run. A wheelchair helps your pet to rebuild and maintain their strength without putting pressure on its body. The second it becomes easier for your dog to walk, you can see the spark in their eyes, and their quality of life is greatly improved. 

3. Go to the bathroom

Struggling to get outside to go potty is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to caring for a handicapped pet. A wheelchair can make a huge difference. Not only does the wheelchair help your pet stand naturally, the movement encourages your dog to go. Your dog’s cart is designed with their anatomy in mind and your dog can pee and poop while using the wheelchair. 

4. Their wheelchair can go anywhere

Your dog’s wheels won’t limit them at all. If your pet has the will and drive to climb a mountain or take a job on the beach their wheelchair will help them do it. Dog wheelchairs are all terrain, they can move just as easily on grass as they can sand, gravel, or on a trail. If your dog plans to take their wheelchair off road, look for wheels with a bit more tread. An air tire is similar to a mountain bike tire. This style wheel is best for larger dogs that like to travel across rough terrain. In addition to a deeper tread, the air tire has more bounce to it which makes for a smoother ride across rocky surfaces. 

Regardless of the tire style you choose for your dog’s cart, their wheelchair is designed to take them anywhere. Paralyzed dogs have taken their wheelchairs up Mount Washington, for a run on a beach, and just about anywhere you can imagine. 

5. They can do anything!

Dog in wheelchair enjoys his walk

A handicapped dog can do anything an able-bodied dog can do! Being in a wheelchair won’t limit or restrict your dog in anyway. Your dogs wheels give them the freedom to act like a pup, play and most importantly, spend more time with you. 

A dog wheelchair wont make your dog lazy. When in fact, the complete opposite is true! Once a pet realizes that they are able to walk easily, they actually become more determined and motivated. Your pet will most likely ignore their disability and take off running.

A cart provides the support and balance your pet needs to move confidently. Knowing their wheelchair is there to support them and keep them safe will allow your pet to move naturally. Your dog’s wheelchair is a tool to help them live an active lifestyle. Getting a wheelchair is a life changing experience for you and your pet.

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