5 Pet Photography Tips to Create Amazing Pictures

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Nowadays, even the most ordinary people are able to produce amazing results with digital cameras. But you think your pictures could be better! In this post, we’ll look at some handy pet photography tips and a few tricks you can use to make your photos even better once they’ve been taken. Let’s get started!

pet photography tips and tricks
Pet photography tips and tricks

1. Oh No! The Background is Awful!

It’s very common for us to take pictures of our pets when they’re doing something cute. You captured the speaking eyes, every wisp of fur is crystal clear, but the background leaves much to be desired. What now? Don’t discard that image! Create a transparent png using free online photo editing software and “cheat.” 

Simply place the snap of your pet against any background you please. In this example, I’d opt for something slightly blurred out so that the pet takes center stage! Perhaps you’ll agree that this is a handy tip, but you want to get the image of your pet right from the start with only minimal editing to bring out the best in your shot. Let’s look at some tips for that next. 

2. Know What Kind of Pic You Hope to Take? Know Your Pet

Your pet follows a routine and getting them in the right mood for the picture you want to take means following their rhythms. Sleepy pet? Match your photo shoot with a nap time. Alert and playful pet? Catch him when he’s geared up for his walk, plus playtime. Melting with love? It’s time for a puppy-love cuddle-fest. You might wish you had two pairs of hands in the process, so get a family member to join the fun if you can!

3. Set Your Camera for Fast Shutter Speeds and Multiple Shots

Have you ever taken a dozen selfies without finding one you like? Expect to discard even more photographs when snapping pics of your pets. Improve your chances of getting a clear shot by opting for a fast shutter speed, and set your camera to take 3 to 5 shots in quick succession to improve your chances of capturing the right moment. Digital photography means there’s no cost involved in discarding images, and the more pictures you take, the more likely you are to get the good one. 

4. Edit it Up

OK, so we said we weren’t going to cheat, but these basics just enhance the composition and the shot. If you’re snapping a portrait-style shot of your pet, just about everything around it is a distraction. Always remember what you want the picture to be off and make it take up the most space in the image. Crop it down! By contrast, you might want your dog to be just an element of a picture that includes beautiful surroundings. Think of the composition. Where is the focal point? How do other elements relate to it? Is there a sense of visual balance? Reframing might still be necessary. 

Now for the colors, saturation, and contrasts. The camera is not the eye. That’s why you’ll often take a photo and be disappointed that it doesn’t reflect the colors you saw. Although we often see editing pictures as altering reality, a few tweaks can actually bring images closer to it. 

5. Keep it Fun

Not getting the image you wanted? It’s not really your pet’s fault. He or she has no idea of what you’re up to with all that clickety-click stuff. What matters most? The pet or the picture? You know the answer! If you’re getting frustrated, give it a break. There’ll be many more wonderful days together and many more opportunities to keep trying for that unforgettable photo. Hand out the treats, and try another day again. 

The post 5 Pet Photography Tips to Create Amazing Pictures appeared first on Petdogplanet – The place for dog breeds and expert pet advice.

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